Baldridge Lab

Biological Chemistry

University of Michigan Medical School

Thanks to the W. M. Keck Foundation!

The Baldridge Lab and Tsai lab received a grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation to develop novel targeted protein degradation strategies for targeting proteins from the ER to inhibit viral biogenesis and infection.

Congratulation to Dr. Devon Dennison! She earned the second PhD from the lab with her thesis titled: “Exploring the Mechanics of Golgi-localized Tul1 Selective Degradation.”

This is really an amazing body of work that was helped across the finish line by Jiwon Hwang and Jenn Russ, along with our collaborators Jeremy Schroeder and Lydia Freddolino… Congratulations!

Final article at Cell Reports:

bioRxiv preprint:

Congratulations to Dr. Brian Peterson! The first PhD from the lab!

Congratulations on this elegant reconstitution – in collaboration with her joint mentor Kaushik Ragunathan (@Brandeis University)

This is an exciting discovery reporting on the first ER-localized degrons. (

This is an amazing body of work congratulations!

Evan earned his MSc in Biological Chemistry.

Jenn Russ was selected for the GTP (a highly competitive Genetics Training Program T32 training grant)!

Jeremy Dortch was selected for the PSTP (a highly competitive Pharmacological Sciences Training Program T32 training grant)!

An important honor for amazing students.